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Masjid Al-Amaduddin

The TCCF, in collaboration with TMMF, has recently completed construction on a brand new Islamic center in the heart of the remotes of seri Dara, locally known as chattah, This impressive building boasts humbling architecture, with a beautiful 3D view with Minerat on the roof and intricate detailing around the windows and doors.

The Islamic center was named after the father of TCCF founder, “masjid Al Amadudin” is not just any ordinary mosque, however. In addition to its daily prayer services, the center has a special area designated for Eid prayer. This space is large enough to accommodate a significant number of worshippers and is specifically designed to allow residents of the city to gather together in celebration during the important Eid holidays.

The center’s leadership has expressed their excitement about this new facility and the possibilities it brings for the community. They have emphasized that the chattah Islamic center is not just a place of worship but a center for learning, community outreach, and support for those in need.

Overall, the Islamic center is an impressive addition to the community, with its beautiful design and crucial facilities for religious observance. It is sure to become a cornerstone of the community in the region, providing a gathering place for Eid prayers and serving as a symbol of faith and community for years to come.